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Astha Khanna Joined As First Intimacy Coordinator In Indian Film Industry

18-04-2021 Sunday 3:00 pm


Aastha Khanna 26, has joined Indian film industry as the first intimacy coordinator who will choreograph sex scenes on screen. The job of an intimacy coordinator is to ensure safety for scenes that involve simulated sex, nudity and sexual violence in films.


Aastha Khanna said that, her job can be compared to an action director and a dance choreographer, but for intimate scenes.

In 2018, HBO announced it had hired it's first intimacy coordinator for the Deuce, a series about the sex and porn industry in 1970's New York, at a request by actress Emily Meade. All of it's programmes related intimate scenes staffed by an intimacy coordinator. Since then, several studios, producers and directors have started using intimacy coordinators on set


Hollywood actress Sharon Stone recently wrote in a publised memoir, she wrote that she was tricked into removing her underwear, showing the reason of a light reflect that was causing for her white colored underwear. The director made her asuured that the viewer's would not see anything.

It happened during the infamous scene in the 1992 film Basic Instinct where she uncrossed her legs during a police interrogation. Director Paul Verhoeven denied this claim and said that, Sharon were fully aware abouut what was going on. Aastha a said that, if she were there, she would have given her a skin-coloured underwear.


In the early of 1990, when Basic Instinct was shot, an intimacy coordinator, someone hired to help performers feel more comfortable during nude and sex scenes. But it's the role that's being increasingly sought-after since the 2017 #MeToo movement put the spotlight on rampant sexual harassment and exploitation in entertainment industries around the world.

Aastha Khanna said that, 'my job is to ensure that performers are not exploited and also to safeguard the studios, so that no performer can say five years down the line that they had a bad experience.'



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