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Dangerous Games That Brings Sufferings to Children And Risk's Life

Written by: Dewan Musa
04-04-2021 Sunday 10:30 am


One thing people always like most and that is any kind of excitement to his life, people from every ages and stages prefer something full of thrill and prestigious as they believe that makes them statisfied and proud. There also some people in this world, who doesn't care about their lives to feel this great feelings, sometimes to prove himself or herself as a great.


But when a teen or more lower aged someone think and try to have something like that, it becomes a serious issue of risking own life, for having no idea really about what he/she going to do, or what could be happened. I don't think they are healthy mentally who invent this kind of games, or those who offer to join. Today I want to discuss about some of these dangerous games that are famous to youngs, giving importance on how they frequently getting involved with these.


It is obsereved that today's teens frequently keep details about these games under wraps, Parents often don't hear about them untill someone in the community is rushed to the emergency room or dies.


In 2018 Gulf News published a report giving priority to effects of the dangerous games mentioning Fire Fairy, Blue Whale, Choking Game, Cinnamon challange, Mariam's Game, Tide Pod Challenge, Fve finger fillet, Gallon challenge, The cutting challenge, The Salt and Ice Challenge and Charlie Charlie as most harmful games for kids and teens.


Choking Game has to play by cutting off the oxygen supply to the brain through strangulation for a frief high. Teens have done this using their hands or a noose, this game can be played by alone or in groups.

Choking Game perticipants can achieve the high either by themselves through auto-asphyxiation or with help from peers. Asphyxiation is often achieved with hands around the neck or with the use a noose-like device such as belt.


Sexting is another game that inspirate teens and kids strongly to get involved with unsocial activites. It is a play on words combining the words sex and texting, where someone sexts other one else a nude photo of themselves via SMS text message or some other electronic format.


Alfred Sacchetti, chief of emergency medicine at OLLMC hospital in Camden, N.J. says that, there's no room for learning curve, because the very first time you can die. CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) analyzed on some cases related Choking game deaths nationwide over a period of 12 years. They found that, the average kids who died was 13, and those who died ranged in age form 6 to 19. All of them were nearly playing the game alone when they died.


We have seen parents always wish and try to protect them from bad habits like misbehave, bad company, drugs etc. But very fiewer of them aware their childs about the so-called stupid games, that has the risk or serius injury, even death. One thing a parent should always remember that kids will always try to hide their involvement with that kind of playing.


During this Covid19 affected days, childrens and most of the teens are passing their times on internet by chatting on social media's, playing games etc. So it is very important to follow their choices on games and other things they look for on internet. And you should not break their privacy you know.


And also remember that we mentioned only a few games in this article, but there left an another Hundreds of ways kids and teens are following for enjoyment and for other reasons. More terrible new ways descovering everyday following the interest and intensity to do something exceptional that attracts a kid or teen very easily. So keep your eyes on themn as a friend and share your experiences as musch as possible.


Reference: webmd


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