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ChatGPT by OpenAI

04-02-2023 Saturday 11:00 GMT+06:00
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Anima Tabrizi Khan Majlis Anima Majlis


_Launched by Open AI in November 2022, ChatGPT is a chatbot. Artificial intelligence research organization ChatGPT’s full form is Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer.


Open AI previously created GPT-3 and GPT-3.5 which are able to create human-like texts.


ChatGPT is a GPT-3 based AI tool that can process natural language and can help to create human-like conversations between a user and an AI chatbot. In plain language, it is like a digital helping hand for the user to solve different problems.

Open AI was valued at $29 billion following the release of ChatGPT.


To use ChatGPT developers must first, create an account on Open AI’s official website. Then, users need to generate a new API key. Installing Open AI’s relevant packages is the next step of the process. Users, for example, need to install the OpenAI Python package for accessing the Python code’s ChatGPT model.


Efficient in programming, coding and written languages, it can write mathematical proofs and solve coding problems. This tool makes it easy for users to have conversations with AI in a natural way. The best reason to use this AI is it’s free of cost and easy to use.

ChatGPT does not cite credible sources while answering queries of users. Sometimes it might devalue original hard work by talented professionals, programmers, writers by utilizing their knowledge to write codes, articles, or solve math problems. Personalization is not available as the chatbot also provides the same answers to same queries by different users. To explain, ChatGPT will provide the same essay on same topic inquired by different users.


To produce any kind of text, including essays, and blog post use ChatGPT. Catchy titles for blog posts and articles can be created by this tool. To find straightforward and uncluttered responses to diverse queries use this AI. It will be able to explain complex issues in a simple manner.


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