'The Choice' And 'The Better Choice'
Regarding Depression:
A Religious Cure

29-03-2023 Wednesday 11:00 GMT+06:00
Shanjida HAidar Shanjida Haidar


_Sadly, enough all of us have one to many forms of the baggage of our depressive episodes. In fact, according to World Health Organization, it is estimated that about 300 million people are suffering from depression globally.


You are really not alone. Perhaps the more suicidal people there are, the fewer suicidal people there are. Sorry, it was an awful joke, just to make you laugh.


So , we’ve different methods that we love to use for curing depression, such as - Morning Workouts, Eating Healthy, and therapy … Some of us are more adventurous as - Bungee jumping, deep sea diving, and the Carpe Diem lifestyle.


These are all good and essential indeed. But if you’re someone more of a sloth like me, you’ll get easily burned out by it. And soon you’ll be coming up with another episode of "yeah? what’s the point?"

Here’s a choice that we would like to offer. It might intrigue you how Islam provides a phenomenal solution with an open love letter from The Most Loving ( Al-Wadud) Almighty who loves you more than you can ever love yourself. And to benefit us Almighty gave us his speech.


1 - An open love letter in the embodiment of the Glorious Quran.


We know the Glorious Quran as the divine parameter of " do’s and don’ts ". But it's more than that. Do you think you know all the stories about prophets?!! Well, hell no!!! Think again. This Divine book would constantly challenge you to consider. Once you know who wrote this letter to you, you would know more and more about yourself. Some of the hidden issues you might have didn't realize it was there. It's a clear reflection of your past, present, and future. You would never get enough of it. It's a guide to the ones who are lost, it's healing for the brokenhearted, comfort for the eyes, and food for the brain.

Here's a mini challenge for you, read the glorious Quran sequentially until you come across these verses.


A - "And [ Allah] shall heal the hearts of the believers."


B - "Allah burdens not any soul beyond its capacity"


C - "And he found you lost and guided you"


D - "How can I possibly lose when Allah (My Rabb) is with me"

The Choice' And 'The Better Choice' Regarding Depression: A Religious Cure


Nobody can understand your pain like Allah does, Nobody can comfort you as Allah does, and Nobody loves you as Allah loves.

2 - Talk to Allah or Cry to Allah in Salah


Salah is not some cardiovascular movements or our proxy ticket to escape from hell. It’s your direct communication with The Devine, Majestic Almighty. He never gets tired of your nagging, crying, or long conversation. It is narrated in the hadith that Allah wants to hear your voice at least 70 times a day.


Spiritually what it does for you, Allah is Al-Jabbar, He’ll gather your broken pieces and heal you and strengthen you like nobody else. He’ll solve your problems one by one and if you ask for his sincere guidance, he’ll guide your heart. TMI: Sad People are generally more loved by Allah if they turn to him. And they have a greater chance of success in this world and the hereafter.


What it does do for your mental health? People have certain limitations, they won’t solve all of your problems, be there for you 24/7. But once you rely on Allah, you don’t need to seek constant reassurance for them, you’ll be more self-aware of yourself.


People are either stuck in their present or their future. A solid relationship with the one who created you will leave out your worries as he’s in control of everything. Plus, it would save a lot of your money on the therapy, lol. However, I do believe in therapy. You should go if you feel the need to.


BONUS POINTS: Adopting sunnah medicines and lifestyle habits in your life. You would either wake up, have the fresh aroma of honey from your mouth, or wake up feeling overdosed and dizzy by anti-depressants. You can either live through the pain with "Life has no meaning" or "your pain has a purpose." You can either paddle the gear of absurdism every day or make peace with the fact that " Perfection, only belongs to Allah. And when Allah is with you, nothing can go wrong. He’ll open doors for you from means you’ve never expected. You just do your part and leave the rest to him "

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