Fairy Tales That
Become Religious Beliefs
Part One

23-05-2021 Sunday 12:00 am
Dewan Musa Dewan Musa


_If you think about the time near 1000 years ago or more, there were no electronic devices to entertain you with music or movies, or you did not have any kind of cell phone to make a call to know how close someone is. Generally, the ways to have entertainment was limited to spending time with gossip, music, playing etc.


In the meantime, stories were very popular to all kinds of people, they often made events to hear stories with tunes and music. It was a great excitement when someone heard stories with a trooper, like watching movies in the present time. And they liked very much to hear stories full of magical powers, where someone fought with evil and got won with so much thrill.


I guess you know why people like to watch movies, they just start believing the story for a while and enjoy it in their own way, their own thoughts. While the ancient people heard stories, they imagined the excitement as watching the plot with their own eyes.


Anyway, as there were no better communication systems, or better roads to drive a car, the only way to know about other places was only if any relative, traveller or businessman entered a village.

They told exciting stories about their lands and peoples. You may have observed before that, every nation has some fairy tales related to their principal religion or beliefs, related to their very own culture.


As humans always love stories about magical powers, some of the famous ancient and traditional stories turned into popular fairy tales, some became forgotten,and unfortunately some of those got established as holy religious histories.


Aesop's Fables , Mermaid, Little fairy, Hatim Tai, Huckleberry Finn, Aladin, Piter Pan, Harry Potter, Sinbad, a lot of fairy tales worldwide, each and every of those has a fluence of a cultural and religious background, and also related with super magical power.


The same thing happened everywhere around the world, The Americans, Europeans, Arabians, Egyptians, Asians everyone has their own fairy tales and cultures.

When Jesus started to talk about the Almighty, it also became a story to everyone, that someone is talking about a new strange God, who never dies and has powers over anything that exists.


The neighborhoods and places far from Bethlehem, heard the stories via travellers and businessmans. If I think about a traveller named Hasan, who visited Bethelham one day and saw Jesus Christ and heard any speech from him, he became interested and asked other people to know about the Messiah. Later when he reached another village, he described the experience on his own way of expression and words, and if there was a listener named Ali, and continued a conversation like...


'You know I saw him yesterday, he must be a mad! Do you know what he was saying? a strange God out there in the sky that we can't see, but he is more powerful than our Gods.


'What are you saying !', Ali said, who is that mad ?


"Everyone was calling him 'Messiah'", Hasan answered, "He knows magic, he blows to dolls and makes them live!"

"You must be joking."


"I am not, everyone was talking about this, another strange thing is, when he touches any leper," he gets cured!


Then you are right, but he is just a great magician and nothing else, what do you think?


I agreed, said Hasan bowing his head, 'but he was so cool, and his voice was so strong, he made the religious leaders confused over there'.


And when the listener Ali described this news to his nearest people further, we found a very important thing, and that is the modification of the story.

Here the listener is a troop of people who came to spend free time in the local market.


"Do you know, a strange man begins to talk about a new and immortal God who lives in the sky and never sleeps".


"Really, in the sky?" one said trying to see something in the sky, "But we don't see anything except clouds, ha ha ha," everyone burst into laughter.


"The traveller was saying, he can make dead things alive, and can cure the ills!" said Ali.


Another one asked, "can he fly? ha ha ha!"


Don't laugh, it is a serious matter, the religious leaders become tensed over there, Ali warned.

An old man said, 'I see, I heard it before, the man is so dangerous, he wants to destroy us all, what new you heard about him? he asked Ali.


I heard Messiah's God is so powerful, can kill us all. Now he is trying to make people believe in him. People are very excited watching his magic and some of them have already started believing him.


Another old man added, I heared the people who will not believe in his God will be destroyed in ... what he said a hell or something like this.


Oh my God! someone cried out, 'that means if i don't bow to him, Messiah's God will kill me! it's not fair.


Careful everyone, someone said, we have to protect him at any cost if he comes here. But my brother was saying he is a very good man and calls everyone for a peaceful life, he is a fool.


The first old man said, hmm, it's true that he calls for good things, but how do we know he is right, let our leaders decide what to do.


Thus the story of Jesus Christ kept it's modifications, Grandmothers started to make new stories for the kids and so on.


After a hard struggle Jesus Christ established the truth to a few people, but got hanged on the Cross at his age of near 30. And he made his great return from the afterlife, three days after his death as he promised, with this the Christian community started their journey on earth.

As Jesus Christ said, 'it's not my time, I only sent it as experimental for now'. Jesus spoke about the same Almighty described by Prophet Abraham, Moses, Joseph, Mohammed (SM), King Solemon, Julkarnine and others. Whatever difference you try to look out, but all the principle commandments of every religion are same, Pray to Almighty, Do not sin, You have to face a Judgement Day for your activities on earth, People will live in Heavens and Hells afterlife


But as he remained for a short time, he could not complete his teachings and guidance to people, how to follow the rules given by the Almighty or what to believe actually. The confused followers of Jesus were looking for answers asked by peoples, and at a time they had to start to give solutions as they believed. They did not do it to misguide the people, but to keep the peace hold on, and to make them believe in Jesus and his Lord.


Wikipedia introduced Jesus Christ as a Jewish preacher based on the information represented by Christian saints and some other published information. But the real story of Jesus Christ, described by prophet Mohammed (SM) that he was not a Jewish preacher anyway, but was a prophet like him and has a very very important role to play in the future.


Jesus will return at the end of the earth (closer to Judgement Day), and will save every person from some great crisis', that people will not be able to face. The Almighty made him most powerful among the prophets to complete His mission.


The Almighty also said in His books that, there were a few prophets who turned into bad things after being chosen, and some prophets were killed like Jesus Christ.


So what happened to the stories about those prophets?


Some of the stories remained with modification as people liked in that time. The prophets who were killed before establishing the truth, failed to guide the people around there completely, but there were a few people who tried to follow the words from their prophet, even though he was killed or dead, and started to continue their life as their prophet said, believing in the Almighty strongly.


But as they were confused about all the words of the Almighty, described by their prophet, which were not complete and no one was also there to make them understand the matters they wanted to know, they started to become misguided. The concept about the Almighty was not clear to them, so that when people asked them about the Almighty, they had no answers, but they hardly needed answers to make them convinced. And at a time they had to start making stories to keep their Prophets and the Lord's dignity to others, as they believed.


There are always some people in this world who believe that, some kind of lie that diverts people to good things is allowed, but it's not. Lie continues to make another lie just with the interests to be introduced as a truth. And see what's going on today, Ignorance and modification mixed up the words of the prophet and Almighty, and represented a new form of the same old fake God.


Unfortunately, they were making another fake God, which they really did not have any idea. Some villagers continued the stories with their own style of expression. There was no guidance but beliefs, and the stories were getting changed as time passed by.


What do you think about the stories where several Gods live on mountain tops and sometimes come down to see how people are doing, even sometimes they fight each other.

They imagined those Gods related in their shape, a head with two eyes, a nose, a mouth, hands, wings and so on. There were some evils too in those stories, who lived underground and inside mountains, and often attacked humans to destroy, the Gods then came out and defeated the evils. The fights between Gods and evils remarked as religious war and to remember with honor. It is very difficult to identify the real source of those tales but it is continuing for thousands of years.


With the change of time, when people reached some of the mountain tops, the stories started losing their excitement, because a God should have something more than them. Then the fairy tales spreaded out in the unknown sky with more powerful Gods and exciting evils, who live on several planets, and are also full of magic.


Actually they were bound to make stories, and you know, you only can make a story as you can imagine. As they did not have any clear idea about the Almighty, they started to imagine Him as they liked much. They did not have much knowledge to imagine about an Almighty who created all the universes and everything exists , they could not imagine the angels, and as time passed by, as the modification of the stories continued, their descendants started believing their prophet and angels as God. something like this...


One day a simple villager started believing in God, and as he knew about God, he thought, 'If You come to my house, I could treat You as my best guest, I shall give you all my best clothes and things and the best foods I have. Please accept my invitation and tell me when you will come!'


What do you think about this ? That villager actually did not have any concept about God, but he believed there was a God. Naturally he took God as someone like him, who takes food, wears clothes and needs a home for shelter.


And what do you think, when Prophet Moses went to the mountain for 40 days to talk to the Almighty and to receive the 10 commandments.

The Israelis thought that he had died, and made a statue of a cow, showing the reason that at least they need something visual, in front of whom they can pray. Harun, who was Moses's brother, assistant and another prophet, but could not stop them as he was weak. When Moses got back, get tempered after watching that ignorance of his people, and broke the plate where the Commandments were written.


The Almighty has also described a story in one of His Holy Books, it was about two angels who were sent to teach people about their Creator and to concern about their way of living. As the Almighty described, the people of that time were very expert in magic, so that He decided to send two angels as his sign, instead of humans. It happened for the first and last time in the history of sending prophets.


So, it is time to change your concepts about magic, because the ancient people experienced the power of magic many times in their whole life, and some of them lived on it. You have no reason to deny this, it's proven already.


To be continued....


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