Are Ed-Tech Platforms Really Helping Me As in Coursera, Udemy, Chegg, IIM And So On....

Shanjida Haidar


Are Ed-Tech Platforms Really Helping Me As in Coursera Udemy Chegg IIM And So On ....

_Time Lapse has challenged our thoughts (i.e, beliefs, attitudes, values, and awareness ) over different spectrums. We are all advancing towards something in the focal point of uncertainty. But the real question is are we heading in the right direction? Are there any pitfalls in the impenetrable darkness? Are these online courses, technologies, and programs really efficient enough to overcome our learning barriers?


EdTech - A fusion of education and technology, proclaims to challenge our limitations of learning not only through “remote learning “ ,“distance learning” or online education but also through the integration of the increasing research, training programs, certification, and aspirations for professionals. Continue reading ....






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