The GSMA AgriTech Programme In Bangladesh

Dewan Musa


The GSMA AgriTech Programme In Bangladesh

_Impact of climate change is considered as a significant emerging issue in Bangladesh as in other countries of the world. Heavy rains in July 2016 severely affected northern and central Bangladesh, with Rangpur and Dhaka divisions being the worst hit. A large proportion of farmers and agricultural service users live in these two categories.


About half of Bangladesh's citizens are employed in agriculture and more than a third (60 million people) earn their living from agricultural products. Aman, Aush and Boro varieties together produce about 44 million paddy in three seasons in Bangladesh. Among these, Aman rice production is the highest which is about 40% of the annual rice production. Considering the importance of nutrition, the Bangladesh government set a target of making the country self-sufficient in food grains by 2022. Continue reading ....









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