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We always try to confirm our website to find in at least top 20 list in search engines when visitors searches for any specific content.


Eyes on Life

_ As recorded on March 4, 2023, Eyes on Life has the average position of 7.1 in Bing Search Console and 15.9 in Google Search Console.


Eyes on Life is basically a search engine based service where people can search for their quires. It is an encyclopedia which includes an earning facility for overall people worldwide, ensuring a regular connectivity with the visitors.

We have several types of social media projects like human rights, climate crisis, sometime we create events and sometime follows.


With Eyes on Life you will be able to place your advertisements in several kinds of media like, video, special features, regular contents etc.


Eyes on Life


Eyes on Life also has website supporting features like website design and development, java scripts etc.


Eyes on Life


We strictly follows our rules to ensure a better presentation, for which we also have a service to create attractive web ads.


These contents are created by advertisers and are not related with Eyes on Life.

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